During the last 10 years we have trained more than 2.000 psychologists, doctors, social workers and other professional groups of the health care system in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Luxembourg, Italy and Spain regarding the CANDIS programme.

We offer workshops in Munich regularly, but also offer in-house workshops for you. You can also participate in a two-days training by contacting the German Psychologists’ Academy in Berlin.

Workshop Programme

The CANDIS Workshop offers extensive introduction into the highly effective and successful evaluated modular therapy programme  „Modular therapy for Cannabis disorders CANDIS“. The treatment is aimed for older adolescents and adults with problematic cannabis use. Often clients also bring further live issues into treatment, as well as other mental disorders.

In the workshops you require important strategies of the motivational interviewing and the cognitive-behavioural therapy. Therapy contents (e. g. information on cannabis and cannabis dependence, motivation enhancement, target clarification, preparation of use stop, relapse prevention, dealing with craving, refusal of cannabis offers, coping with problems, establish social competence) are facilitated and actively practiced in role playing and group work.

Video examples and case vignettes illustrate the clinical picture of clients. Treatment chances and barriers in realistic therapy processes are demonstrated. Intensive exchange of participants’ experiences is promoted for participants in a relaxed atmosphere.

Workshops 2023


Slides and handouts for knowledge transfer, case examples, video documentation, and practical exercises for competence imparting.

Target group:

Certified psychologists, physicians/medical specialists, certified social workers, certified social pedagogues and other professional groups of the health care system.

Number of participants:

Max. 16 participants per event.


2 x 8 teaching units (16 tu)

16 advanced training workshop units are applied for the Association for Psychotherapists in Bavaria.


€ 390 (Application until 1.05.2023)

Place/dates 2023:

Friday, 19.05.2023 and Saturday, 20.05.2023 (from 9-16 Uhr)

The event is taking part online.


Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer. nat. Eva Hoch

IFT Institut für Therapieforschung
Leopoldstrasse 175
80804 München